Folie a Deux Crush Fantasy

The Juicy Details of My First Crush by Crush Crusader
September 2, 2008, 6:06 pm
Filed under: Harvest Adventures

I got to work my first crush this afternoon. The first of MANY more to come over the next few months. About 6 tons of Semillon showed up in half-ton bins that were dumped into the hopper. The grape clusters were crushed and destemmed then sent into the large 25-ton bladder press. Free run juice was collected and sent immediately to a separate tank from the hard press. This happened very quickly, but it was like organized chaos.

Next, a truck full (25-28 tons) showed up with Sauvignon Blanc ready to be received. Same thing with this grape… crushed, destemmed, pressed, and pumped into tanks. Then once all the grapes passed through into the press, I began to rinse all the equipment down thoroughly. This took a long time. We couldn’t allow even the smallest grape or stem left over in/on any of the equipment. I had no idea that cleanliness was such a huge part of the winemaking process, but I have a feeling the hose and I will become quite familiar with each other.

So that’s what happened today, not too fast paced yet but I’m okay with that. I hear that this week is going to get very busy, very quickly as the grapes in the vineyard become ripe for harvesting. I’ve got the ibuprofen ready…

Day 3, done at 2pm. Time to rest.


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