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Pump-overs 101 by Crush Crusader
September 8, 2008, 9:16 pm
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Ok, so this may bore you, but since you are here already, you might as well read through it. I might surprise you with something you don’t know. I’ll call it, “everything you wanted to know about the pump-over process, but were afraid to ask.” By the end of this lesson, YOU TOO could be well on your way to becoming a harvest intern!

Anyways, first off we make sure the pump is set and the lines are connected & ready.  Then I climp up to the catwalks above the tanks and stage the device (see pictures in prior post), if the tank needs one, inside the top of the tank.  Next, someone down below sends me the wine.  They yell, ‘Ready?’ I return with ‘Send tank #’.  The person screams back ‘Pump-over on tank # on pump-over line #’  We communicate the tank # and pump-over line to check and make sure the lines are all connected correctly and we are not sending the juice elsewhere.  With my hand on the valve, I wait till I feel pressure, then I yell back ‘Pressure!’

Checking for pressure

Checking for pressure

Now, usually water comes through first and that is spilled outside of the tank until I get grape juice.  At that point, pump-over now officially begins.

Water first, grapes next

Water first, grapes next

Breaking the cap By Hand

Breaking the cap By Hand

 So now you are educated… it wasnt that bad was it?? I hope you were taking notes, as this material WILL be showing up on the final exam!


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Yummy juice! I want some!

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