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CO2 – Even Wine Gets Gassy by Crush Crusader
September 12, 2008, 7:07 pm
Filed under: Harvest Adventures

CO2 gas, a by-product of the fermentation process, can be very nasty stuff, let me tell you.  When it comes to dealing with fermenting wine, you must have caution being anywhere near the tank.  Of course I’ve learned this the hard way, by experience…

I took my first “hit” of CO2 the other day, and oooo man, I felt it. Basically during fermentation you get an absurd amount of CO2 that gets produced and trapped underneath the “cap” of grape skins that are pushed to the top of the tank. Just a big air bubble below the surface, waiting to burst and escape. And guess what happens when you’re the lucky harvest intern that has to do pump-overs on said tanks and disturb the stability of the cap? That’s right, you’d better be ready to dodge a quick burst of CO2 coming at you as you hover over the tank. Betcha had no idea!

The cap of some zinfandel

The cap of some zinfandel

The crazy part is, people can die from over exposure  to this gas.  The warning sign is the smell.  You know it when you’re near it. It smells thick and stinky. It made me tear up and want to throw up within less than a second. Yea, its that bad.

Okay, goodnight y’all. Time to carbo-load for tomorrow.


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That *is* crazy! Hope you keep your face outta that CO2!

~VDog, wine club member. 😉

Comment by VDog

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