Folie a Deux Crush Fantasy

Hardest Day- So Far by Crush Crusader
September 17, 2008, 9:17 pm
Filed under: Harvest Adventures

Now that myself and three other harvest crew members have moved into a smaller crush facility at Folie a Deux, things are a bit different.  Not so many tanks, pumps, hoses, water, and equipment.  Started harvesting good ‘ole Napa Valley Cabernet the last couple of days.  The method of whole cluster sorting is exhausting, but in the end yields great tasting wine.  There is a sorting table that the inbound grape clusters pass through, where one to two people must pick leaves and unwanted stems away (along with miscellaneous items that somehow arrive in the bins).  I wasted all of my energy today doing just that. 

At the larger facility we could process 20 tons of fruit within an hour or so. Here it took eight hours for the same amount! One bin at a time…

Too many bins. Awww!

Too many bins. Awww!

Enjoy that 08 Folie Cab someday, cause I gave it my all! Goodnight.


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