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Basket Press by Crush Crusader
September 20, 2008, 7:55 pm
Filed under: Harvest Adventures
Digging In

Digging In

Once red wine has been racked out of the tanks into another area, the skins, seeds and some stems are all that’s left.  Us lucky harvest interns have to shovel the WHOLE tank out into micro-bins.  This task can be very strenuous because there can be gunk piled six feet high (or more) that has to be removed.  Needless to say it takes awhile. And hurts the back, trust me.

Micro bins to basket

Micro bins to basket

Next, after the micro-basket is full of the shoveled out remains, it’s time to place it under the press.  This exact basket was so heavy, we tried three forklifts to lift it. Finally, we found a forklift that was strong enough to pick it up.

Press Away

Press Away


Time to start the press.  Once the press is started, wine is immediately drained out and sent to another tank.

Hard press Zin

Hard press Zin

This was a really cool process to watch. I will try to continue to post pics up of stuff like this. Goodnight!


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Fascinating! How exhausted must you be! I never in the world would have imagined how much work goes in to making a batch of this fine wine!

Comment by Rhonda Howard

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