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DAY TO DAY GRIND: when will it end? by Crush Crusader
September 22, 2008, 7:09 pm
Filed under: Harvest Adventures

So, can I jusy say that I’m pretty banged up right now?  Lets review my work schedule.

3:30 Wake up to an annoying beep from my cell phone, falling asleep putting my shoes on.

3:45 Waking up again from putting my shoes on, packing my lunch and shooting coffee.

4:00 Leaving home to drive an hour to work.

4:45 Taking a quick nap in car for 5-10 minutes before punching in.

5am-10am Work

10:30 Lunch-One banana, one apple, one sandwich, one yogurt, lots and lots of cheez-its, and a half of chicken. Oh yea!

11-5pm Work

5:00pm Punch out time

5:30pm Pulling off the road to sleep for 10-20mins

6:15-7:15pm Getting home to make lunch for tomorrow, dinner for tonight, shower, reading mail, and hanging out with roommates

7:30 or 8pm Sleep 

A dark cold morning

A dark cold morning

So how was your day? Tell me, I’m listening.


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Take care. Sounds like you are more than earning your keep. May you feel the comforting hugs of an Angel’s wings!

Comment by Rhonda Howard

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