Folie a Deux Crush Fantasy

BUSY BUSY BUSY by Crush Crusader
September 27, 2008, 7:15 pm
Filed under: Harvest Adventures

Well, today was busy, but not as busy as what tomorrow sounds like.  We crushed about 11-12 tons of syrah today.  It took prob about 4-5 hours to do. Had a frustrating time washing tanks today. My wrist is sore, hands swollen, and lower back hurting. Who said making wine was easy?

Tomorrow we crush Folie a Deux’s pride and joy, the Lewelling Cab.   We got about 11 tons, half will be crushed and the other half will be whole berry fermentation ( very slow and painful process, but excellent results).  Also, there will be a draining of a tank, then more shoveling fun, then press, then cleaning the press. Oh joy!

Landlord is coming by tomorrow, had to clean the house when I got home. Just what I wanting to do with my free time, if you call it that.  These hours are killing me, but the paycheck comes in the mail next week, cant wait.



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Wow! TONS! How many barrels will 11 to 12 tons yield?

Comment by Rhonda Howard

Hi Rhonda,
A ton of grapes yields around 60 cases worth of wine (12 bottles in a case). And a barrel holds just under 25 cases. So lets round off and say… a ton of grapes will yield two barrels worth. And if my calculations are correct, that means 12 tons would give us 24 barrels. That’s a lot of juice!

Comment by the infamous intern

Oh yum!

Comment by Rhonda Howard

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