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The Harvest Beat Goes On by Crush Crusader
October 1, 2008, 7:12 pm
Filed under: Harvest Adventures

Little slow at the beginning of the day today, because we only had a couple of pump-overs that don’t really take too much time to complete. Its kinda like a hurry up and wait sort of thing.

But things got busy when we were given a work order for filling barrels with the Cabernet Sauvignon we’d brought in previously from the Main Street vineyard.  This proved difficult because the wine still “moving” (fermentation still happening) in the lines, producing foam which made it hard to fill accurately.

Merlot grapes came in later in the day, and will be crushed tomorrow.  We will do half whole berry fermentation and crush the other half.  Fun to taste the differences between the two lots and see how much a slight change in technique can affect the final product. Winemakers have important decisions to make!

Gotta go now and catch up on my college football.

Till next time…


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What is the difference in taste? I would think the whole berry would be slightly less acidic?

Comment by Rhonda Howard

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