Folie a Deux Crush Fantasy

This Year’s Crop by Crush Crusader
October 14, 2008, 10:28 am
Filed under: Harvest Adventures

Seems like the outlook on this year’s crop depends on who you ask. If you talk to a winemaker, the quality of the fruit coming in is high and looks very promising for the finished wine. But at the same time, if you talk to a grower, this year’s crop has been disappointing.  Although the quality is great, yields are down compared to normal levels (in tons/acre), so loads are coming in very light.  One grape grower I talked to recently said that he usually gets around 50 tons from his crop, this year….20-25 tons.  He usually collects around $100,000 from his grapes, this year he expects…maybe $30,000. 

That’s just amazing how the weather throughout the growing season can affect the production of grapes. And once the grapes come in light, wine production is lower than expected, and sales may be lower as a result.  A big chain reaction of sorts, that starts in the vineyard every year. But look for 2008 wines to be high in quality.  The Napa Cab and Merlot both look great.


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