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Stagecoach Vyd Cab – on the way! by Crush Crusader
October 20, 2008, 8:02 pm
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Barrel Fermenting

Barrel Fermenting

 Tomorrow we will be crushing the Stagecoach Cab, and instead of going straight to a tank for a week or two, the whole grape will go straight to fermenting barrels.  I have never seen this before so its really exciting for me to be able to learn how this is done.  As for today, busy with Rack and Returns, Pump Overs, and Pressing of Merlot. Merlot fermented in bin.

Merlot Free Run and Berry

Merlot Free Run and Berry

This Merlot was allowed to be fermented in the bin for a lil over a week, and now its time to press this bad boy.
Free Run and grapes

Free Run and grapes

Since the Free Run was in the bin, we just through it all in the press and caught the Free Run and sent it immediately to another tank.  Then we began to press the rest. More pics on the press to come, tomorrow should be a busy day grapes to crush and more pressing.
So there should be plenty to do tomorrow, 12 hours easy.
Love that overtime money Hector.  How are your hours?

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My hours right now are the same as yours, some days easy and some days grueling. But when I get off work I go home and work some more with kids and a wife. No complaing no whining, JUST DO IT!
What I dont understand is why you have been deleting me comments. This is a Blog, Right? Kimberly understood what I was talking about. Not that you cant do the job, just that I didnt want you to crash and burn before the end result. Hang in there good buddy. Your new Blogging Nightmare. Hector

Comment by Hector

Somebody give me a straw!

Comment by KK

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