Folie a Deux Crush Fantasy

SOV by Crush Crusader
October 28, 2008, 8:37 pm
Filed under: Harvest Adventures

Whats SOV? Well, thats winespeak for Silver Oak Vineyards, and 25tons of fruit we purchased from them is coming in this Thursday. Oh yea! That’s gotta be some killer Cab on its way to Folie a Deux. Not that we don’t already have some killer cab of our own, but anyone who knows wine should know that Silver Oak is in a league of its own. Hence my excitement. We will do the same thing to this fruit that was done with the Stagecoach Cab.  We will fill 8 fermenting barrels and dump the rest into a tank. 

Barrel Fermentors

Barrel Fermentors

Totally excited to check out the grapes and see if they are what everyone says they are to be, some excellent fruit.  More on it when I taste it, yum yum.

Sharks game is on, Peace out!


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So, how are things going? Hanging in there? Those are nice fermenter Barrels, who makes those, Baron? How many gallons are they? Just trying to keep the conversation going. What kind of hardware are on the heads? What type of Toast do those Barrels have

Comment by Hector

I’ve always preferred Merlots over Cabs, but I’ll definitely hunt this one out and give it a go. I pretty much enjoy any good wine. Its been great fun following your internship, and wish you tons and tons of success. Sounds like you’re back to enjoying life a bit.
Thanks again for the informative blogging

Comment by kimberly

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