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Last Day of Crush by Crush Crusader
October 31, 2008, 8:58 pm
Filed under: Harvest Adventures

Well, today was the last day of crush and what a way to go out.  Not only were we crushing Cabernet purchased from SilverOak, but it decided to rain on us today.  It was great, loved every minute of it.  Good thing we got the grapes in today cuz it may have been delayed due to the wet weather. 

The grapes tasted very good, and were a little bit bigger than previous loads of cab grapes.  We put about six bins into fermenting barrels and put the rest into tanks.

So guess how much these barrels weigh once all filled up…..929 lbs!!! Wanna know how we do pump overs on those fermenting barrels??  Since they are on rollers, we roll them 5 times, 3 times a day.  8 barrels were more than enough with the Stagecoach in there and all, but now we’ve got 16 barrels.  Oh my back. Tomorrow, I will be sore. Go Sharks!!


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What about the fermenter Barrels?

Comment by Hector

I found a bottle of SOV cab 2000 in my cellar. Do you know anything about that year? Do I need to drink it now, or can it go longer?
Thanks for your help

Comment by Kimberly

Is there a place, maybe on the internet that I can find the information that I was asking about? Regarding the fermenter barrels. Let me know. Thanks Hector

Comment by Hector

Im sure the crush crusader is busy at this time, even though crush is over things are still pretty busy, as most wineries are. So maybe I can answer your question. 2000 is a pretty good year,and as long as the wine has been properly cellared, without alot of temperature changes, you should be OK to go a few more years. But if you notice that the cork has risen a little, it would indicate that there has been a signifigant temp change and I would recomend it be opened, tasted, and if it tastes OK, enjoy it with a great meal. It probably wont last much longer if it has pushed the cork out a little. Hope this could be of some help. Fellow Blogger Hector.

Comment by Hector

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