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Pump-over….and over and over and over again. by The Folie a Deux Harvest Intern
October 6, 2009, 6:27 pm
Filed under: Harvest Adventures

The last couple of days are mostly filled with pump-overs. At first, pump-overs are fun, as all things are when you first learn about them. Each day when I get to the winery, I hook up a hose to the bottom of the tank and run the juice from the bottom to the top with an air pump.  The top of the tank is “capped” with a layer of skins that rise to the top of the juice. In moving the juice to the top of the tank, I’m breaking the “cap” to bring flavor and color to the juice. The time needed to complete a pump-over can be anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours. I start my morning with a pump-over that takes two hours; I do enjoy watching the sunrise while I go through this process.

The weather has been tricking us all. Dramatic (well, dramatic for California) weather changes are keeping us on our toes. Rumor is that it might start raining in a week. I’ll keep you updated on how that changes things.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures of me from my first tank cleaning. I didn’t share the after-shot. It was fun but don’t get me wrong, it was difficult! I was covered in sweat and my face was bright red. When I got out of there, it took me 20 minutes to recover. This harvest intern business is hard work.


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